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  • Last Modified: Saturday 08 November 2014.

Speaker: Prophet Philip Banda Date: 02 November 2014 Event: Sunday Pm Service Let your Christianity have evidence that God is there. God is back and He is looking for the need of your life. Shake off unbelief.   Habakkuk 1:5 More expectation, more miracle s, no expectations, no miracles. In your situation you need miracle. God was great then and God is great now and God will always be great. God has got a future for situation. Let God’s ability be your ability.  When it is God‘s appointed time you get blessed without any personal. It is not what you know, who you think you are, what you have. Stop fearing and worry. Don’t be influenced by the happenings. See beyond your problem. Immediately you look outside your situation it looks bigger but when you look beyond your situa...

03 November 2014 Sunday Pm Service

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