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  • Last Modified: Sunday 11 January 2015.
Speaker: Prophet Philip BandaEvent: Sunday Morning ServiceTheme: Permission to Test GodDate: Sunday 4th January 2015 Prophesy: All blessings, all supernatural and spiritual will be yours in 2015.What is the point of serving God when you’re not going to go to heaven?  Serve God this year extravagantly because you know you are going to heaven.  A lot of us our calling is also our temptation.  In your calling have you been faithful?  God has no lack of resources. What is tithe?  Giving a tenth.  A genuine tithe should be set apart.  No one has tithed correctly and suffered financially.  Where there is a spirit of lack, greed, poverty, children fighting, husband and wife fighting, failure and divorce – there is no tithing. When you were born, were you born with money in your hand?  Every ti...

Permission to Test God

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